Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does the drama EVER end? What is drama really? Let's talk about it!

So I had a a-hem "friend" tell me once that she didn't know how to be my friend because I had to much drama.

Never mind the daily phone calls that I would get from this same person complaining about her marriage day in and day out.


Who doesn't?  And what is your definition of drama?

My definition of drama is someone that is always trying to start things with other people, stirring the pot you might say.  I REALLY try not to create this type of drama!  Really I don't, I just want to live my life surrounded with my family and friends and have a good time.  Because you know what?  Life is too short not to enjoy it.

Now, if your definition of drama is listening to others complain about certain issues that may be going on in their life then I disagree.  To me, that is a FRIEND!

If you can't depend on your friends listening and giving their input on certain things then what are friends for?  To go out with have drinks, laugh, play and call it a day?  Well actually if we all got drunk then maybe we wouldn't care about the other issues in life, or what some may call drama.  Yes, we should have fun with our friends and not be serious all the time but you should be able to talk as well.  Maybe they have gone through something similar and can offer you advice since they have "been there done that".

I have problems with my kids, who doesn't?  I have problems with people from my past that just can't seem to leave me or my family alone.  Some people have problems with their jobs.  And when things happen I tend to find myself "venting" to my friends.  I would hope that you felt like you could vent to me if you were dealing with something and you just needed someone to listen.

I will be the first to tell you I get so tired of hearing from people that ONLY call when there are issues in their life.  I have gone to pick up the phone before and Matt will ask who it is and when I tell him he will say "wonder what's wrong now?!?!"

I am NOT that person!  I will call you to see how you are doing, send you a nice letter, a quick phone call or text but not only call when something is wrong.  If I am "that" person to you then PLEASE send me a nice message and tell me so I will be sure to correct myself.

See this post is a "vent" not drama.  Do you agree?  :)

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