Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thanks Melissa!

So being a stay at home mom is not what it is cracked up to be.  Seriously if I had tons of money and could go out and shop and play all day then maybe it would be a different story.  But I don't so I can't.  Do not get me wrong I have PLENTY of things that I could do to keep me busy.  I own a photography company and I am always trying to think of ways to expand that and get my name out there but that is where my thinking stops.

For instance I have been THINKING about cleaning my office for about 2 weeks now because seriously it looks like a tornado ripped through here.  I HATE with a capitol H to file, it is my weakness.  Therefore I have papers all over the place, the good thing is if you were to ask me which pile something was in I could probably tell you.  I told myself today "Self you REALLY need to just get motivated and clean the office today"  Self hasn't listened so far because all I have managed to do is pick up a pile of papers off the floor straighten them and set them in a chair.  Hey, that is progress right?

I had EVERY intention of going to see a movie today while hubby is out of town.  Not that I couldn't go while he is in town but I thought I would "treat" myself this week while the kids are at school.  Guess what?  I TOTALLY forgot I was going to go until about 12:15 and by that point it was too late.  sigh  I should have marked it in the planner.  Who am I kidding, I didn't even look at my planner until 15 minutes ago.

A friend seriously just sent me this message:

 "Have you cleaned yet?"  

Ha Ha just wait until you read my blog working on it now.

See I will blog also, ANYTHING to get out of cleaning.  These papers are just glaring at me in the face!  QUIT LOOKING AT ME!

This is not even what this blog was supposed to be about so let's quickly get on that subject.  Thanks to my  dear sweet pretty friend Melissa I want to cry.  I suppose that maybe she waited 20+ (a-hem) years to get me back because my monkey shit on her.  Melissa I am really sorry that he did that, seriously thought all would have been forgiven by now!  Wow you can hold a grudge sista!

Another friend posted on my fb page today "Did Cain die today on Y&R"

Now if you know me you know this is the ONE thing I look forward to every single day during the week.  Crawling up in the bed with my hubby, because he is sucked in just as bad as I am, and we watch Y&R.  We can't miss it and God forbid if we can't watch it we double up the next night or we will have a marathon on the weekend.  I responded to her and said I had not watched it yet today.  And that is when Melissa chimed in and said "yes! he did!".

GASP OMG you just made me want to cry!  First of all Cain CAN'T be dead, he is one of the very few actors on that show that can actually ACT!  And let's face it girls.. he is major eye candy!

No honey I have never thought about him while getting it on with you.  Well, maybe just once.

I am so sad that Lily and the "twins", as she likes to call them, will be without this hot stud forever!  That is just not fair!  Now I will have to start crushing on Billy Abbot instead.  If they get rid of Billy, I will go with Nick and God forbid they both get cut who would that leave???  Jack always has this look as if the actor standing next to him farted and he can't breath so it wouldn't be him.  Victor ... nah too old for me.  Divon?  EWWWW we fast forward through most of his scenes as it is so no thanks.  Daniel, maybe if he got a haircut?  Kevin, nah.  Ooh Michael is pretty hot.

Anyway, we will worry about that if and when the time comes.

Now will you guys please sign a petition if I draw up one so we can get the writers to let Phylis just beat the shit out of Sharon?  That girl just gets on my last nerve!

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  1. so so sorry! lmao! you are a trip! I have missed you and all the laughs we used to have!! We should live closer!