Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pictures can tell it all....

Since Ryder has started daycare we haven't seen him a lot so we were all excited when he came to visit one night last week.  I had the camera out and we had a great time!  So, here is Ryder's visit in pictures.

Such a cool dude!
 He loves the jumparoo!
 And he loves Ashley too!
 Okay, so he is too big for this but he has so much fun bouncing around!  :)
 Peek A Boo I see you!
 Blowing sugars to Ashley, little flirt.  ;-)
 Making sure Ashley was watching him. :)
 Time for blocks
 Cutie pie!
 Awe come on Mr. Matt do you HAVE to do that???
 Okay, let's play ball.
 Nah, I would rather read
 Why don't you read to me Mr. Matt?
 He wanted Ashley to join in on the fun
 He wasn't having much luck with balancing the ball on his head
 Uh Oh where did it go?
 There it goes again!
 Smart boy.. blocks are flat and easier to balance!
 Ashley trying to help him out.
 He said hes got this.
 Here Ashley I will put something on your head!
 Then we decided to hit instead :(
 I told him no no no don't hit  :(
 That made a sad boy :(
 I'm sorry but that face just cracks me up, poor ryder.
 Mr. Matt made it all better by reading to him.
 What's that Mr. Matt?
 The end.

We had a great visit and we look forward to many more!  :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Isn't it REALLY about the food?

So the big day that all football fans look forward to is coming up soon!  It doesn't matter if *your* team is playing in the Super Bowl, if you are a football fan you watch regardless.

Since *my* team isn't in it this year, and has not been for a while now. *a-hem* then I will be rooting for the Packers to win it.  Typically I root for the underdog but I don't even really know who that would be this year.  I am sure if I asked Matt he would fill me in however since the Packers are in it I choose them.


Well for a couple of reasons.  #1 we lived in Wisconsin and we LOVED it with a capitol L!  We loved everything about Wisconsin especially the people we met there.  And those are some die hard Packers fans let me tell you!  (Matt and I went to a Packers game while there and greatly enjoyed that *our* Cowboys won the game)  So I would like to see them get this win.  #2 Matt Flynn plays for them and although he is the second string quarterback he's still on the team.  Matt Flynn was a great quarterback for LSU and although I haven't personally met his family his mom was sweet enough to send Brendan some cool things for his LSU decorated bedroom.  Thanks again Mrs. Flynn and to Aunt Nancy for helping with that. :)

But quite honestly this is the one day of the year that I say forget *normal* food, let's PIG OUT!

Every year I spend about a week trying to come up with our junk food fest menu.  There are usually pigs in the blanket, rotel cheese dip, and that is where my mind goes blank!  Last year we did a baked potato dip but I seem to have misplaced that recipe so Tracey if you are reading this will you please resend? Thanks, you are the best!

So tell me, what are your favorite pig out foods and which team will you be rooting for this year?

Here are some random *Cheese Heads* we met at the game we went too.  :)  Like I said, Wisconsin people are VERY nice!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did you hear that? What? Where? HUH?

Yes I am a very paranoid person.  Not like the type person that thinks someone is always out to get them or following them type paranoid.  That would be crazy.  right?

No, I am just paranoid in the sense that if you tell me you will call and you don't call at the exact time you said you would I start to worry.  Like make myself want to throw up worry.

Matt says I watch too much tv.  I disagree!  I have to watch "I Survived" so I will know what to do if I ever get myself into any of those situations. DUH!

For example, Matt was at work yesterday and I called. TWICE.  No answer either time.  So then I sent a text "tried calling you but no answer call me when you can, not an emergency".  I said that but what that meant was CALL ME NOW BECAUSE I AM WORRIED ABOUT YOU!

Matt works in the HOOD and when I say the hood I mean it!  He likes to get to most of his stores early in the morning before the crazies start coming out to buy their beer in a sack and beg people for money.  So I worry about him.

I was just on the verge of texting him again to say if you are ok just text me back ANYTHING to let me know, but then I thought if someone shot him and stole his phone it could be them texting so how would I REALLY know it was him?  So then I was going to say text me your daughters middle name, because a criminal wouldn't be able to answer that!  DUH

I can already picture him lying in the ditch after being stabbed or shot and I am already trying to figure out if I will be able to hold it together when the police come knocking on the door.  Yeah, I actually went there.  But just as I was about to text him again the phone rings.  It is my hubby, I know this because the ring is Yoda telling me I better answer the phone.  That is hubby's special ring tone, because he is a Star Wars or Star Trek freak.  They are the same thing so I get confused, whatever.

And to make me feel so much better he proceeds to tell me in one of the stores he calls on that a customer stabbed the clerk with a screwdriver the day before.  Nice honey, I feel soooo much better now!

My neighbors should love me as well because I promise you if I hear ANYTHING outside I am looking to see who and what it is and watch to see what they are doing.  I live on a cul-de-sac so we don't get a lot of traffic and my office is at the front of the house so I pretty much hear anytime someone comes on the street.

I have gotten into trouble for this before.  Long story short I used to work at a large place of business and the CEO lived across the street from me.  It was a single lady, she would come home every evening pull into the garage and close it.  ALWAYS!  Well she was moving and asked if I had any boxes from when we moved in.  Well sucking up of course I said yes.  She asked that I bring them by that evening if I didn't mind.  Well I saw her come home at around 6 but I didn't make it over there until around 7:30.  (I wasn't watching for her to come home but my front door was glass so I could see without "watching")  As I am walking over I thought to myself it was odd that her garage door was open and her mail was sitting on the back of her car.  There was also a strange truck in the driveway I had never seen before.  I knocked on the door, no answer.  So I sat the boxes in the garage and went home.  At 11 pm that evening I was up cleaning (my parents were coming the next day and I get all OCD when they come) and I noticed nothing had changed at her house.  So I went and knocked on the door, no answer.  Ok, this story is getting to long but I called work had them call her and she was fine.  Point is she was PISSED that I did that!  WHAT?  OMG if you had been kidnapped or inside the house dead it could have been days before anyone knew.  I thought she was lucky to have me as a neighbor!  As.if!  She never spoke to me again and avoided me at all cost, my boss was pissed at me to!

I guess the moral of this story is only worry about yourself and your family but screw your neighbors?  Who am I kidding... I would do it all over again... what is that?  Did you guys hear that?  Hang on I have to go investigate.

PS Matt's cousin had her house broken into yesterday in Tyler, TX.  They took computers, tv's, her sons Wii and all the games and other things.  Thank God nobody was home and the creeps didn't hurt her animals but her 9 year old son was the first one home to discover all this missing.  I can't imagine the feeling of coming home and seeing all that.  PLEASE protect you, your family, your pets and your belongings with an alarm system.  It is less than $35 per month!  It will even save you a little on home insurance.  JUST DO IT!

Monday, January 24, 2011

This is for the ladies! Only because men can't relate AT.ALL!

Yep, this blog is actually about what all of us ladies deal with and dread every.single.month.  

Do I even really need to spell it out?  I didn't think so.

So I have always thought this was just some kind of cruel and usual punishment for women.  

God you're a righteous man and I love you but REALLY?  


Every month it comes and every month I moan and groan about it thinking didn't I just see you two weeks ago?  Oh, it was a month?  Sure doesn't seem like it.  Well in that case welcome back. NOT!

We have had all the kids we plan on having or not planning on having because it just isn't happening again.ever!  So now I find myself every.single.month praying to God to please let me go through menopause just so I don't have to deal with all of this anymore.  I know I know that will just create a new batch of issues but you know what I wouldn't have to buy these stupid tampons anymore!

What is it with those things anyway?  They cost a small fortune and one box is NEVER enough to get through the whole week so you have to buy two.  It is a conspiracy I tell you!  Honestly they could charge you whatever the hell they want to because you MUST have them.  I wish I could invent something that every single woman on the planet MUST have at least once a month.  CHA CHING!

And not only do I have to buy them for me it is becoming very close to the time my daughter will start needing these as well.  GASP Please say it isn't so!  But reality is it could happen anytime soon.  Then we will be buying FOUR boxes of these things.  

Seriously need to consider going to Sam's for these soon.  

Loudspeaker Woman:  Hey Marv can I get a prize check on the super size box of Ultra Absorbent Playtex Tampons 1,000 count?

Thanks lady this just isn't embarrassing enough!  

And have any of you heard that girls are starting to get their periods earlier and earlier in life?  Someone told me not long ago of an 8 year old that started!  E.I.G.H.T.!  Wth?  That poor girl!  I have read that it has to do with the hormone injections they give cows.  Ashley.. PUT THAT MILK DOWN NOW!  And no, you can't have a steak, or a hamburger, or a slice of roast or anything else that comes from a cow.  

Not because I think it is bad for you, I just can't afford all those extra tampons right now!

I think I need a part time job.

Okie dokie, well I have spoken my peace about this little issue now I have to go eat all the chocolate I can find in the house.  IF that damn "not me ghost" hasn't eaten it all.  PIG!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Slippery When Wet

It was 1987 and I was 15 years old.  Bon Jovi was coming to Shreveport!  GASP  I LOVED Bon Jovi and I mean the obsession was totally out of control!  I had a guy from high school tell me not long ago on fb that is the only memory of me... me and a bon jovi jacket I would wear.  I know how to leave an impression right?

I BEGGED my parents to let me go with some friends, I didn't win that "fight".  I was too young yada yada, which is honestly exactly what I would tell my kids when they are 15.  Maybe another year and it would have been different.  I cried and I cried and I cried.  I hated listening to EVERYONE at my school talking about going to the concert that day because I truly felt that I was the ONLY kid that would not be at this concert and it broke my heart.

I was a "latch key kid" so every day when I got home I would call mom just to let her know I was home.  I can remember this phone call as if it happened this morning:

Hi mom I am home.

Okay, well get your homework done because Daddy is wanting to go to a basketball game tonight and he was going to take you.  And change your clothes, but don't wear a short skirt or anything because you will be climbing up bleachers.

Yes ma'am.

So dad got home and off we went.  We ended up eating at a restaurant across the street from Hirsch, I think it may have been ElChico's??  This broke my heart even more, thanks dad for bringing me to a restaurant where I can look out the window and see ALL my friends going into Hirsch for what is surely to be the BEST concert EVER!  Then this conversation started:

Big Girl I think we should go over to the stadium and we will stand in line but when we get to the front I will just push you in through the gate.

Yeah right Big Daddy!

No, seriously I think we can do it.

Uh huh sure I WISH!

Big Girl I am telling you it will work.

Big Daddy it won't work I would get caught, you are so funny.

So he paid the check and off we go to the basketball game.  Except we turned... into the coliseum parking lot.  My heart kind of skipped a beat.  I asked what we were doing and he said I told you I am going to push you through.  So we start walking up and get in line and he is still insisting that he is going to just push me through the line.  To this day I never know when to take my dad serious.

We get to the front and my heart is just racing and then it STOPPED when he pulled out 2 tickets for the concert!  Now normally on any other day I may have been slightly embarrassed to be 15 and at a rock concert with my dad but honestly it never crossed my mind.  The only thing that did was my dad is COOL!  I knew he didn't really care for the opening acts but he sat there and grinned because he knew that I was the happiest kid ever that night.  But when Bon Jovi hit the stage I think he actually uncrossed his arms and I may have even caught a foot tapping on the floor to the music.  :)

A year or two later Bon Jovi came back to Shreveport and my best friend and I went, but I can PROMISE you I thought of Big Daddy that night!

PS   To this day I am not sure why my mom told me not to wear a short skirt, I think Jon Bon Jovi would have loved that!  :-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Meatloaf, smeatloaf, double-beatloaf. I LOVE meatloaf."

For the first oh 4-5 years that Matt and I were married he swore up and down and back and forth that he HATED meatloaf!  Therefore I never cooked it.  Until one day I said you know what.. I want meatloaf and I am fixing it!  So.there.period.  And I made it, then a meatloaf monster was born.  O.M.G. burned me out on meatloaf!  But he told me that mine was better than his moms, which is why he swore he hated it, so I still cook it for him. :)  This is another meal that doesn't cause eye rolls, sighs, or grunts because the kids love it also.

This is so freaking easy it is almost crazy!

First start with 2lbs. of ground beef, I buy 85/15 for this so it doesn't have as much grease.  Again, please "smoosh" the meat so it doesn't look like worms!  I think smoosh is my new favorite word.  With the smooshed meat in a bowl add:

1/2 tsp of salt and pepper
1 tsp of onion powder (you can use real onions but my hubby HATES them, weird I know)
1 tsp of garlic powder
2 tbsp of Worchestireshire Sauce (did I spell that right?  Yeah, neither can you so hush!)
3 slices of white bread chopped WELL  (big chunks of bread in your meatloaf is gross, just sayin', you could even use Italian bread crumbs)
1/2 cup ketchup

Now that you have all that in a bowl just stick your hands in there and go to town and mix well.  You may want to have some warm water running for when you are done because your hands will be COLD!

Now I swear I did take a picture of the mixture and somehow managed to delete it off my phone.  I blame Verizon because I don't make mistakes.  As if.

Remember the bread I was talking about?  Here is a picture of how fine I get it:
I use my handy chopper to do this, no really that is what it's called!

So once you thaw out your hands put mixture into a baking dish top with more ketchup cover with foil and cook at 375 for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes remove from oven CAREFULLY, grab another set of hands and have them use a spatula to hold the meatloaf in the pan while you tilt it over the sink to pour out any grease.  And there will be grease, see:

Then put back in the oven without covering for another 15 minutes.

And there you go, another VERY easy recipe that even my husband could make.  Love you honey!

I personally love the edges.  :)

And if your kids won't eat it just ask them how piggy's eat.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spaghetti for Dummies

Everyone can cook spaghetti right???

Well I used to have a roommate that couldn't make a grilled cheese sandwich so I am going to say it is probably not far fetched to say that not EVERYONE can make spaghetti.

Now this is a meal that I must make at least every other week or my kids would behead me.seriously!  It is the 1 thing I can cook and I do not get one moan, groan, sigh, roll of the eyes or any other do we really have to eat this gesture.

Well I used to watch my mom cook spaghetti but she would actually buy tomato paste, tomato sauce, yada yada yada....

Don't get me wrong it was DELICIOUS but who really has time for that or feels like doing that work after working at their job

So here you go, an easy "recipe" that your family will love and you should even have enough left over to freeze that way you won't have to make the sauce the next time.

(Sorry in advance for the bad quality of pictures, I was taking them with my phone camera)

First up browning your ground beef, I always buy 80/20.  I add a little garlic powder and onion powder while cooking for added flavor.  And if you buy the meat that looks like "worms" then PLEASE "smoosh" it up ... I can't stand browning the meat like that because for the very reason I referred to it for looking like worms.  And nobody likes chunky meat in their spaghetti either so chop that meat up!

Strain the meat after fully cooking to drain the grease then return to pan.

Are you ready for my next big secret ingredient?

Yum, that is it Hunt's Garlic & Herb, Hunt's Traditional and Classico Tomato and Garlic.  YUMMO!

After adding these to the meat I stir well then I will another secret ingredient:

This stuff is GREAT!  Has all the basic Italian spices in this so you don't have to buy a bunch of different ones.  I also toss in a little more garlic and onion powder and stir well.

It is seriously that EASY!  Just cover and simmer while your noodles are boiling (just follow package instructions) and viola you have a great meal that your family will think you slaved over for hours!

Throw a little grated parmesan on top, or in my case a LOT, and enjoy!

The next time you have company coming over and they suggest take out because you are the non cooking friend... surprise them all with this.  It is seriously fool proof!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Please respect my personal space

I know that I can not be alone on this pet peeve of mine.  It is enough to drive a person insane!  This has to rank on the top of my pet peeves list, do you have any idea what it may be?  Well I bet you do from the title.

People that get too close in line!

Why do people feel it is necessary to be all up in your business when you are in a check out line?  About a week ago Matt and I were at Wal-Mart with all the other fools buying the last gallon of water because we were supposed to get a little ice and snow. OH MY!  Actually we just needed food.

While in line the person behind me bumped the back of my foot with their buggy.  I did not even turn around, accidents happen right?  The second time it happened I let out a huge sigh (seriously I think people 3 rows over looked at me).  Apparently the person standing behind me did not understand this gesture so the 3rd time they hit me I simply placed my foot on their buggy and shoved it backwards into them.  Don't tell me they didn't deserve it!  I heard a faint "I'm sorry".  She did not hit me again so I considered it a success, really hate I had to get ugly though.  REALLY I do!  So why is it people in lines feel the need to get so close?  Do they think they will have someone cut in front of them?  Do they think they will be able to check out quicker?  I may never understand but if you are a close follower in lines, please stop!

While we are on the subject of pet peeves here are some more of mine:

People that won't stay off their cell phones during a movie!  Did you not see the nice ad that said "Please turn off your phone?"  Ooh that's right you were too busy looking at your phone to see it.  If you want to stay on your phone through the movie then why are you there?  The light is very annoying to the people sitting behind you.  I once told a young girl, probably early 20's, can you PLEASE tell whoever you are texting that you are in a movie and you will text them when it is over?  I got a simple yes ma'am and she turned if off.  Sometimes that is all it takes.

Speaking of movies... I hate when adults bring kids to movies that are clearly to young to be seeing them.  Matt and I went to see The Focker's movie and there was a boy sitting in front of us with his mom.  I would guess that he was maybe 10 or 11 years old.  I was so embarrassed when they were talking about sex and masturbating in the movie because this kid was in front of me that I couldn't even enjoy the movie.  (Not sure I would have regardless but you get the point.)  There were parts that I want to reach up and cover his ears, but again with the personal space.

Why do people post 100,000 status updates on fb within an hour time frame?  Is it REALLY necessary?  If you have that much to say then start a blog.  I did, you can too.

Why do people put things on fb like "O.M.G. I can't believe that just happened?"  Leaving me thinking WHAT?  WHAT HAPPENED????  I really want to ask but then another nosy person beats me to it only to get the response "I will text you".  Oh no you didn't!  If you are going to get people so worked up then you need to fill us in.  Otherwise keep it all to yourselves!

Why is it every time Matt and I pay good money for a babysitter to have a nice quiet dinner alone we ALWAYS get stuck sitting next to the worst baby or kids in the world??  Never.fails.  I am sure people feel the same way about my kids when we take them out.  Especially when we were at Chili's the other night and Ashley "flicked" a piece of crayon across the restaurant and it hit a little boy on the back of the head!  Yeah I don't think mom and dad saw it, thank goodness!

Ok, well those are just a few of my pet peeves.  What are yours?

Friday, January 14, 2011

You should REALLY keep some information to yourself....

About 6 months ago I had someone tell me something that I just can't seem to quit thinking about.  Obviously this is just disturbing me or otherwise I would not give it a second thought.  Now I try really hard not to judge people because .. well have you met me?  I am by no means perfect at all and I know this, but I know when to keep some information to myself.  Are you ready to know what it was that has me disturbed? 

They told me...

They brush their teeth in the SHOWER!  GASP

I know right?!?!?!

Now if you are thinking *that isn't really disturbing Connie* then you need to think about this statement just a little longer, I mean REALLY think about it!

Here are the reasons I think this is something to be disturbed about:

1)  You are spitting toothpaste into the bottom of the shower which you are standing in.  I don't care if it is minty fresh it is still gross.  (ok, honestly I didn't even think about this one myself but a friend of mine pointed this out, it was the first thing she thought of.  So obviously it is something that should be included.)

2)  Are you REALLY sure that your husband, boyfriend, partner or kids are NOT peeing in the shower??  I mean are you REALLY sure?  If you are only 99.9% sure then that is just not sure enough!

3)  You are brushing your teeth in the same small area that you are washing your a-hole!  And not only your a-hole but your husband, boyfriend, partner and kids are too.

4)  What if you drop your toothbrush, don't tell me that couldn't happen!  Have you seen the hairs that collect in a shower?  They are not ALL from your head.  just sayin'

Is there really any point in saying anymore? 

I didn't think so.

So, if you happen to be one that brushes your teeth in the shower and you think it is normal, it is NOT normal and please stop.  Put the toothbrush back by the sink please. 

And PLEASE if you do this, do not try and justify it because there is no possible way I will EVER think this is something you should do. EVER

Also, friends and family if you do this I really don't want to know. 

Thank you for stopping by and I love to hear your comments.  If you would like to add to the *why you should not brush your teeth in the shower* list please feel free.  Maybe we can somehow make shower brusher's (yes I know that is not really a word)  understand that this is NOT ok!   :-) 

While googling to find a picture to use I discovered there is actually a FB page for people that brush in the shower!  REALLY?  Are there that many in the world that they need a FB page???  I am going to puke now!

If you want to check out the page then here you go:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More random thoughts because I REALLY don't feel like cleaning!

Tonight is Bunco!  Can I get a woot woot?!?!  Thank you very much.. now stop that seriously between you raising your hands and hollering woot woot at work they really might start wondering about your mental status.  (unless you read my blog where I asked you to raise your hand you won't *get* that part)

Anyway, I am really just sitting here stalling.  If I would just clean what needs to be done I would be through in less than an hour but I JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!  Wait am I becoming my kids because that is what they always tell me when I ask/tell them to clean their rooms. 

Would you like to hear some really random things about my life?  I didn't think so... thank you for stopping by.  For those of you that are just stalling from cleaning or working you can continue to read.

1)  I get addicted to things REALLY easy.  I am not sure which parent I may have gotten this from.  Hmmm I will have to think about that one harder.  Some of my current addictions are:

     a) words with friends - have you not played this game?  O.M.G. so much fun, even better when you can
         win!  I actually bought an IPod touch just to play this game, seriously I don't have 1 song on my IPod
         and I bought this over a month ago! 
     b) word feud - are you starting to see a pattern?  This is a game I can play on my phone because I can't
          get a stupid IPhone with Verizon.  I know I know they JUST announced they are getting it, 4 months
         AFTER I bought the Droid Incredible.  But let me just say I LOVE this phone and now that I have my
         IPod touch I really don't need the IPhone.  (the blackberry storm SUCKS people, do NOT buy it!)
     c) online bunco - I only have one person to thank for my newest addiction, you know who you are.  She
         tells me to play this game, which I follow orders so I am, and now I am on level 7.  She is still on level
         0.  Guess who got more hooked?

I get addicted to restaurants really easy too.  I mean if you find something you like why not stick with it huh?  I will tell you why, because you will burn yourself out QUICK!  And if you don't get burned out your spouse will start rolling their eyes every time you mention it.  Some of the places I am or have been addicted too:

     a) Wing Stop.  Now this place is AWESOME with a capitol A!  Come on they sprinkle a little sugar on
          the fries and you can get nacho cheese sauce to dip them in.  HEAVEN!
     b)  Popeye's - This is no surprise to most people.
     c)  Chili's - We would seriously be in trouble if they built a Chili's in Clinton.  I LOVE it, luckily Matt
          loves it too and isn't burned out on it, yet.  Side note about Chili's, Ashley HATES going there.  If we
          want to go somewhere to eat and she says she hates it then we respond "ok we will go to Chili's" and
          then she will suddenly be ok with the other place.

How I became addicted to photography.  Ok, I have ALWAYS loved photography.  I still have the first camera my mother ever gave to me.  But what really sent my passion over the edge was a friend that got married a few years ago.  She found out the day before the wedding that her photographer wasn't coming.  This is probably every brides worst nightmare!  She had just bought her husband a really nice Nikon for Christmas so I said well if I can use his camera then I will do it.  And being that she wasn't paying me I felt zero pressure, I just *winged* it.  And that my friends was the day I knew I wanted to be a photographer.  Thank you Gretchen and Andrew for helping me realize my dream! 
Here are a couple of pictures from my first *job*:

The wedding party:

The flower girls and ring bearer:

More useless facts about me:

Matt and I met online in a Shreveport Chat room.  Remember those?
We were married within the year.
We are in our 6th house and we will be married 12 years next month.
Our kids are the most important people to us and we love them 110% but they drive us INSANE!  If you say your kids don't drive you insane you are lying, you only have 1, or they are still babies.  Give it time.
I hate being in front of a camera, I get this from my dad.
I wish I was OCD.  I mean have you ever been to a persons house that is OCD?  HELLO!  Spotless!
I hardly ever wash my car.  Isn't that what rain is for?  This drives my dad INSANE! 
But in my defense I hardly ever drive my car. 
Being a stay at home mom is not all it is *cracked up to be* (and if you disagree then let me know and I will write another blog explaining this in more detail)

Ok, wake up now, wipe the drool off that is running down your face on to your desk. 

Thanks for stopping by today and you are probably a little dumber now just for reading this, my apologies.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The day the police invaded our house

 A couple of weeks ago we decided to go see a movie.  It has become wonderful since the kids are now old enough to see what they want while Matt and I go see what we like.  So this day we went to see the 100th Fockers movie.. or so it seems like it was.  Time to lay that movie to rest.

About half way through the movie Matt's phone went off, Oklahoma number, hmm don't know who that is so just ignore it.  Until the 3rd time they called I said you better see who it is since they won't stop calling.  He walks out of the theatre, wish EVERYONE would do that, and comes back and said our home alarm was going off.  Apparently the back door came open. 

So, do we need to leave what are they doing? 

He said the police were there and they said every thing looks fine. 

WHAT???  Now I KNOW the first thing that should have gone through my head was thank GOD nobody was in the house and everything was ok.  But what ACTUALLY went through my head was..  The POLICE have gone through our house????  But we didn't make the bed (which we never do because really what's the point?)  and there is laundry on the bedroom floor and did we do dishes today or is the sink full too? 

UGH the Clinton Police are going through our dirty house and I am not there to apologize for the mess!  But then again if I were there the alarm wouldn't have gone off.  We live in a small town folks and I don't need people to know I didn't make my bed or that there was laundry on the floor or there may have been dishes in the sink!  I really don't like people judging me!

Probably the funniest part to this story.. when we arrived home I told Matt to go inside and check it out before the kids and I went in.  Of course I am giving him the run down.  Be sure to look in the pantry, behind clothes in the closet, make sure the attic door in Ashley's room is locked, check in the tub, check in the clothes dryer ok so I didn't take it that far!  But what cracked me up was when he finally walked back out to give us the all clear he was holding the largest kitchen knife we own.  Yeah, good thing our imaginary robber didn't have an imaginary GUN!  Wait just a minute... wonder if the "not me ghost" got bored and wanted to go outside?  (for those of you that haven't read that story we have a ghost!)

Well now our house is clean and I am REALLY tempted to set the alarm off so the fine police officers of Clinton, MS can go back and tell everyone we must of just been having a bad day! 

Seriously friends and family... if you do not have your home protected by a security company DO IT and do it NOW!  It will give you such a peace of mind that you, your family, pets and belongs are being well guarded!  It is soooo worth the $35 a month!  (and after 2 years that is reduced to $19.99, I am starting to sound like a commercial)

I did a lot of research and pricing inquires before we decided on a company and we chose Pro Tech Security located in Madison, MS.  Their installers were nice and professional, they cleaned up the mess before they left and we did not pay a PENNY for the install.  Please give them a call if you are looking for a company to keep your family safe!
or visit them on facebook at:!/pages/PRO-TECH-Security/135735416460548
I did not get paid anything to give their information, we just love them that much!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*My* team .. *Your* team when does it go too far?

*All names have been changed to protect the guilty*

Who watches football?  Please raise your hand.  Ok, put your hand down you look stupid!  Actually put it back up.  Are your co-workers looking at you funny yet?  Ok, put it down.

Well it is probably no secret to anyone reading this post that I am a huge Cowboys fan (ok, I will give you a few minutes to get all your *boos* out).  Are you done?  Now? 


But I have a lot of family and friends that cheer for the A-hem Saint's.  See you should be really proud of me I actually put their REALLY name!  I am making progress I assure you.

Well over the past several years the rivalry between these two teams has increased tremendously, I know why but I am not saying anything bad so I am just going to let you decide why you think this is happening.  I think my husband would DIE I just made a sentence that long.  Sorry honey but you aren't here to check my punctuation and the show must go on.

A few years ago a *friend*, we will call him Steve.  Why Steve?  I have no idea it was just the first name that popped in my head.


On Christmas several years ago *Steve* gave me a Christmas present, I was very excited to see what was in the nicely wrapped box.  Only to be very disappointed when I opened it to find a t-shirt.. a Saint's t-shirt.  sigh  I chuckled and hung it in the closet.  One it was a medium (have you seen my body?) and 2 it was promoting a team that I did not care for and they were rivals of *my* team.  I couldn't betray *my* team like that... EVER!

So it hung nicely in my closet for a whole year.  I swear every time I walked into my closet I heard *pick me pick me*.  Shut up stupid shirt!

Until the day finally came when I did pick that shirt, I swear I think it smiled at me and gave me a wink!  But oh no mr. stupid shirt I am not going to wear you I am giving you back to your rightful owner.  I bought Steve a new Saint's shirt with his name on it and everything, well because I am just nice like that.  He didn't deserve it but I loved him enough to be nice.  But I had to be funny, because well I am funny, and I nicely wrapped the new shirt in the bottom of a pretty Christmas bag and put the *old never worn shirt* on top. 

I think Steve thought the joke was funny, I mean he did chuckle.  I did not see that shirt again until last year when the Saint's FINALLY (sorry I am telling you this is a work in progress) made it to their 1st Super Bowl. 

I hear a knocking on the front door, dog goes nuts barking, I look outside and see our wonderful UPS man getting in his truck.  Ooooh I like when the UPS man comes, he always brings fun stuff! 


It had my name on it and I saw it was from Steve.  I thought that is odd, Steve usually tells me when he is shipping me something.  I am frantically and excitedly peeling off the MANY layers of tape off the box anxious to see what is inside of this box. 

Stupid tape!

Is it possible to sigh and laugh at the same time?  Because that is exactly what I did when I pulled out.. you guessed it..

Do you know what it is?

Yup, the Saint's t-shirt this time with a note that said "wear it proud who dat who dat".  This time I chose to hang *it* in the front hall closet that I never open until Christmas time to get my decorations.  That way I didn't have to hear *pick me pick me* every single time I went to get dressed for the day.

I would also like to point out that Steve and I email on a regular bases and Steve sends is ended with who dat who dat.  I swear I want to shoot my brains out when I hear that! 

Cowboy fans can we PLEASE come up with some catchy phrase that will just make all the other team fans cringe?

Well it finally happened, dooms day.  The Saint's made into the playoffs this year. (was going to make a sigh sound here but I am trying to get better, give me time people).  We all know how that game went. Well I just couldn't hardly wait for the clock to hit 0 to send Steve a text!  (because my dear husband ALWAYS reminds me that in football ANYTHING can happen and I need to keep my big mouth shut until the clock hits 0.  I think he just asks WAY too much of me!)

Here was the text that happened EXACTLY the moment the clock hit 0:

Me:  Who dat who dat the Seahawks dat who!

Steve:  For sure wasn't the cowgirls dat!

Me:  Nor the aint's. bahahaha  (I probably should have left the last part out, may have taken it too far)

Steve: At least they were playing football today & not just playing with themselves.  (oh snap! good one Steve)

Me:  They have plenty of time to play with themselves now.  And got beat by a team with a losing record.. even made history doing it.  Awesome!  (yeah I really should have just stopped but in my head I was like ... Steve would TOTALLY be doing this if it were the Cowboys)

You know what.. this went on for a few more minutes and then I get this:

Steve:  Get a life.

GASP!  What?  Uh Oh Steve is mad now! 

Then Steve stops talking to me and I get this text from his wife:

Wife:  this is (Steve's wife) (can I just say DUH I know who you are because my *smart phone* tells me)  why don't you and Steve knock it off already!  know you r not a fan of the saints.. but we are.  there comes a time when playful bantering becomes disrespectful (what?  just because I said they have time to play with themselves you think I am being disrespectful?  he said it first about the Cowboys thank you very much!)  I know you r a Dallas fan.. & that's your right.  (now that I am re-reading this I think it is awesome she took the time to hit the # key to put the ' in *that's* but couldn't spell out ARE.  I love you Steve's wife please don't hurt me).  Steve has often said he would not tease you about Dallas if u didn't start it first (really did I hit my head and wake up in pre-school).  why doesn't everyone just give it a rest.. kinda takes the fun out of football for me personally.. now u can be mad at me if u choose.. but I've kept quiet long enough.

Me:  GASP!!  *sniff sniff* Cry WHAT?  Ok, I did not write that back that was how I was feeling.  Once I settled down I wrote back:

You are kidding me right?!?!?!  You can't be serious???  Who gave ME a t-shirt of the Saint's???  I have never given him ANYTHING that has to do with the Cowboys.  (I am leaving a little out here to protect the guilty)  And let's also mention that he sends me has who dat who dat at the end.  So the way I see it is its ok for him to tease ME but God forbid I say a ***** word and I get my *** chewed out.  Well ok thanks Steve's wife.

I sent Steve an apology and an email and I didn't hear anything back for almost 2 days.  (this broke my heart because I thought OMG have I lost a REALLY good friend over FOOTBALL???)

Well apparently it just took Steve a little time to get over it and I finally got an email.  And guess what?  NO WHO DAT at the end.  I am so proud of Steve.  By the way, I still haven't gotten an apology for the whole *get a life* comment but I might just let that one go.  :)

Is this the longest blog in the history of long blogs?

Well, I guess my whole point to this story is/was does it REALLY matter if *my* team wins or *your* team wins?  Has the bantering gone too far?  Probably so.

This has made me really stop and think, is it really worth upsetting a family member or a friend because their team lost?  Wouldn't we teach our kids that is poor sportsmanship?  Yes, yes we would.  So why do we continue to do it?  Because for 5 minutes it makes you *feel good* but then you have truly hurt someone you care about?  Well, not for me.  Not anymore.  I am DONE! 

Now I will still high five my husband and kids when *our* team wins or makes and awesome play.  And I will probably still post YAY DALLAS or something equally as lame on my fb status when they win (Come on Dallas I am begging you, can you help a girl out and just win a little more?).  But I will NEVER EVER *taunt* another fan from another team because their team didn't win a game.  And I will ask for the same from you.

But when the day comes, God forbid, and I lose Steve.  I will make sure he spends eternity in/with his Saint's shirt, because I just love him that much. 

For now I will keep it safely in the closet.

Note from Saint's shirt:


Shut up stupid shirt or I will put you in a hot dryer!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Going on a Ghost Hunt!

Here it is folks, I have a ghost in my house and the little sucker is really starting to piss me off.  If you are scared of ghosts then you might want to stay away from here, he's a sneaky little bastard!  And yes, I am assuming this ghost is a *he* because only a male ghost would be so sneaky.  Plus you have to be a male to be a bastard right?

This ghost actually seems to follow us from house to house because he's been around for a while.  When we moved back from Wisconsin I told the movers to be on the look out but I will just assume they were lazy and packed him in a box anyway.  Thanks random mover dudes, and to think I bought you lunch.  Bastards.

It seems this ghost has been pretty lazy lately but has decided to come out and play here in the past few weeks.  Do ghost hibernate like bears?  Anyway, about 3 weeks ago it happened and it scared the shit out of me.  Ok not literally but you get the point.  Matt went to the store and as we were unloading and putting away I saw him put a package of Chips Ahoy (yum) on the very TOP shelf in the kitchen cabinet.  Well he did that obviously to keep the kids out of them so we might possibly be able to enjoy 1 maybe even 2 before the little pigs ate them all.  Yes I called my kids pigs, don't judge! 

The next night after dinner we decided to get a couple of those tasty cookies.  I went in the kitchen stood on my tippy toes.. who am I kidding.. I had to grab a pair of tongs THEN stand on my tippy toes and grunted really loud stretching my body to get the cookies. 

Success they were in my hands, but wait!  They were opened!  MATT DID YOU OPEN THE COOKIES?  Gasp.. missing cookies?  He responded no and I said in a very sarcastic tone (because I have that tone down pat so why not use it!) well SOMEONE has eaten some!  My husband, God love him, went in the bedroom with the package of cookies and started counting and comparing to the serving size on the back he discovered there were 6 missing cookies!  (insert sarcastic tone)  WHO HAS BEEN EATING THE COOKIES????  Both kids, I mean pigs, reply not me at the same exact time.  Well someone has been eating the cookies!  We actually did consider the fact that maybe, just maybe someone was at the store and got really hungry, opened the cookies and took 6 out and ate them.  NAH who would do that??

Then it happened again with a whole package of mini Twix Matt put in my stocking.  Gone.poof.disappeared and I did not even get 1!  Has ANYONE seen my Twix?  Again at the same time I hear the pigs respond NOT ME!  I also received a big bag of peanut M&Ms in my stocking that had 8 mini bags inside.  Do you know how many of those I got?  1 yep 1 bag and again I asked the pigs, did you eat my M&M's?  It's like they practice this because again at the same time I hear NOT ME!  Then it happened again yesterday morning and apparently this ghost has a sweet tooth!  Long story short, made cinnamon rolls and had 4 left I went to eat mine in my bedroom then 15 minutes later I came back and the ghost had eaten the remaining 4 cinnamon rolls!  The kids had already gotten their cinnamon rolls so I know it couldn't have been them.  I keep trying to tell this ghost he is going to explode at some point but he just doesn't seem to be listening.  Yup, a chocolate loving, cinnamon roll eating ghost that is also hard headed. 

Great just what I need, another *person* in this house that doesn't listen!

Now I don't want to freak you fellow chocolate lovers out but if you haven't heard the price of chocolate is going to sky rocket soon and I am talking to the moon high!  Supposed to get so expensive that I might even have to resort to buying the fake stuff, or sell a kidney to support my habit but whatever the case I wish that stupid ghost would!  Are you reading this not me ghost? 


Apparently ghosts like ice cream also.  May be a good thing I can't figure out how to buy ice cream at Wal-Mart stand in their stupid long lines (that could be a whole other blog) get to my car and load it then get home without the ice cream melting.  So I just don't buy it.  Good thing because the bastard would probably eat that too!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Totally Random Funny Memories

Before I write this blog let me just say I am soooo glad at this point I am 3* years old and that means I am too old to get a whoopin' from my mom or dad! 

With hubby watching the game and the kids excessive fighting I have basically locked myself in the office and while stalking everyone on fb I decided to pull up YouTube and listen to some music... REALLY loud.. remember I am trying to block out kids yelling at each other over stupid shit!  (if it wasn't so cold outside I would throw them in the yard and let them duke it out.seriously.)

This brings me to my 1st story.  It happened in 1988 (I am old so I may be off one the year by a year or so, I am sure my husband will read this and will google when the song came out because well that is just what he does, go research something useful!  I love you dear hubby!)

Anyway, one night my BFF & I were supposed to be going to church on a rainy Weds. night.  She came to pick me up and she said hey can we just go to my boyfriends house.  Sure why not?  I should have known when we were on the way over there driving down Flournoy Lucas Rd. (fyi the church was on the opposite side of town) she says about 10 feet from the stop sign "should I stop?"  WTF?  YES you should stop!  Why do you think they put stop signs up?  They are not giving you an OPTION to stop but rather telling you that you BETTER stop!  Now remember I said *rainy* night so of course she stomped on the brake pedal as hard as she possibly could!  (insert screaming and lots of cussing!)  We did a 360 in the road and came about 2 feet from going in a ditch!  That is when I knew the big man upstairs was trying to tell me something!  Do you think at that point I said you know what ... we should turn around and go to church.  Hello I was like 16.. no WAY!  So off to the boyfriends we go.  He was a few years older, which basically means he could buy liquor heeeeey.  I mean I have already pissed off the big man upstairs so lets just add alcohol to the equation. Why not?  So the boyfriend, and his friend, left to get liquor.  That is when the BFF and I decided it would be fun to stick her boyfriends socks down our pants, jump up on the couch, crank up Run DMC You be Illin and danced like we had no sense at all!  Now that was a sight let me tell you.  For the record, the socks were at least clean!  Big Mac Large Fries anyone?

One more funny memory from my childhood for tonight, now my daddy aka Big Daddy LOVES to tell this story and honestly I LOVE the way his face lights up and how this HUGE smile comes on his face while telling it.  Since it means soooo much to him I will share it with you on here.  Now this is a laugh for you at MY expense.  I for one would rather laugh at other peoples expense but I will take one for the team!

So, I am going to guess I was maybe 14ish when this happened.  (If you know me AT ALL you know I totally suck with time frames and dates.  Geez, I married a man that has the same birthday as I do so I wouldn't forget it!)

Back to the story.  We had this water tube *thingy* that Big Daddy would pull behind the boat, I believe it would sit 3-4 people.  This thing was a BLAST on the water!  Tracey, isn't this the thing you and I rode on?  That's a whole other story!  Focus Connie.....  I searched on google to try and find a picture and I could not find on EXACTLY like it but this should paint the picture for you...

(let me just say.. first of all ours did not have the *pointy* things at the end I mean ouch!  Could you imagine hitting a killer wave flipping forward and landing on the front of that thing?  hmmm on second thought... ugh focus Connie!

Ok so back to story.  It was winter time in Shreveport and we had a HUGE snow storm, that did not happen often at all so you probably all remember it that lived there back then.  Well my dad gets a bright idea to hook this thing up to the back of his truck and says let go for a ride.  WOO HOO baby lets go!  I had no all.ever!  Until about 5 minutes later.  Dad had his truck on the street I jump on the big banana and I am pretty sure I may have thrown a hand up in the air like I was a cowboy ridin' a big ol' bull!  Off daddy goes and we get about 5 houses down and here it comes... the CURVE!  Do you think he slowed down?!?!?  pssshhhh have you met my daddy?  NO HE DID NOT!  Needless to say about that time I noticed about 10 of my friends watching and cheering me on and I was thinking yeah you just wish your daddy was this cool!  When it happened... this sucker went sliding in that curve to the right and kept going and going and going until BAM it hit the curb I went flying for what felt like 20 feet up in the air and landed in one of the friends yards that was cheering me on.  I don't think I was on the ground when I popped up to my feet and went WOO THAT WAS COOL!  When really everything in my body was HURTING LIKE HELL!  Needless to say... I never let Big Daddy take me riding in the snow again.EVER. 

While writing this blog it dawned on me that I actually have a picture of a friend and I on said mentioned tube.

I don't know if this picture was taken before or after the incident but Heather was not harmed with my Daddy's antics!  I Love you Big Daddy!  :)