Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pictures can tell it all....

Since Ryder has started daycare we haven't seen him a lot so we were all excited when he came to visit one night last week.  I had the camera out and we had a great time!  So, here is Ryder's visit in pictures.

Such a cool dude!
 He loves the jumparoo!
 And he loves Ashley too!
 Okay, so he is too big for this but he has so much fun bouncing around!  :)
 Peek A Boo I see you!
 Blowing sugars to Ashley, little flirt.  ;-)
 Making sure Ashley was watching him. :)
 Time for blocks
 Cutie pie!
 Awe come on Mr. Matt do you HAVE to do that???
 Okay, let's play ball.
 Nah, I would rather read
 Why don't you read to me Mr. Matt?
 He wanted Ashley to join in on the fun
 He wasn't having much luck with balancing the ball on his head
 Uh Oh where did it go?
 There it goes again!
 Smart boy.. blocks are flat and easier to balance!
 Ashley trying to help him out.
 He said hes got this.
 Here Ashley I will put something on your head!
 Then we decided to hit instead :(
 I told him no no no don't hit  :(
 That made a sad boy :(
 I'm sorry but that face just cracks me up, poor ryder.
 Mr. Matt made it all better by reading to him.
 What's that Mr. Matt?
 The end.

We had a great visit and we look forward to many more!  :)

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