Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did you hear that? What? Where? HUH?

Yes I am a very paranoid person.  Not like the type person that thinks someone is always out to get them or following them type paranoid.  That would be crazy.  right?

No, I am just paranoid in the sense that if you tell me you will call and you don't call at the exact time you said you would I start to worry.  Like make myself want to throw up worry.

Matt says I watch too much tv.  I disagree!  I have to watch "I Survived" so I will know what to do if I ever get myself into any of those situations. DUH!

For example, Matt was at work yesterday and I called. TWICE.  No answer either time.  So then I sent a text "tried calling you but no answer call me when you can, not an emergency".  I said that but what that meant was CALL ME NOW BECAUSE I AM WORRIED ABOUT YOU!

Matt works in the HOOD and when I say the hood I mean it!  He likes to get to most of his stores early in the morning before the crazies start coming out to buy their beer in a sack and beg people for money.  So I worry about him.

I was just on the verge of texting him again to say if you are ok just text me back ANYTHING to let me know, but then I thought if someone shot him and stole his phone it could be them texting so how would I REALLY know it was him?  So then I was going to say text me your daughters middle name, because a criminal wouldn't be able to answer that!  DUH

I can already picture him lying in the ditch after being stabbed or shot and I am already trying to figure out if I will be able to hold it together when the police come knocking on the door.  Yeah, I actually went there.  But just as I was about to text him again the phone rings.  It is my hubby, I know this because the ring is Yoda telling me I better answer the phone.  That is hubby's special ring tone, because he is a Star Wars or Star Trek freak.  They are the same thing so I get confused, whatever.

And to make me feel so much better he proceeds to tell me in one of the stores he calls on that a customer stabbed the clerk with a screwdriver the day before.  Nice honey, I feel soooo much better now!

My neighbors should love me as well because I promise you if I hear ANYTHING outside I am looking to see who and what it is and watch to see what they are doing.  I live on a cul-de-sac so we don't get a lot of traffic and my office is at the front of the house so I pretty much hear anytime someone comes on the street.

I have gotten into trouble for this before.  Long story short I used to work at a large place of business and the CEO lived across the street from me.  It was a single lady, she would come home every evening pull into the garage and close it.  ALWAYS!  Well she was moving and asked if I had any boxes from when we moved in.  Well sucking up of course I said yes.  She asked that I bring them by that evening if I didn't mind.  Well I saw her come home at around 6 but I didn't make it over there until around 7:30.  (I wasn't watching for her to come home but my front door was glass so I could see without "watching")  As I am walking over I thought to myself it was odd that her garage door was open and her mail was sitting on the back of her car.  There was also a strange truck in the driveway I had never seen before.  I knocked on the door, no answer.  So I sat the boxes in the garage and went home.  At 11 pm that evening I was up cleaning (my parents were coming the next day and I get all OCD when they come) and I noticed nothing had changed at her house.  So I went and knocked on the door, no answer.  Ok, this story is getting to long but I called work had them call her and she was fine.  Point is she was PISSED that I did that!  WHAT?  OMG if you had been kidnapped or inside the house dead it could have been days before anyone knew.  I thought she was lucky to have me as a neighbor!  As.if!  She never spoke to me again and avoided me at all cost, my boss was pissed at me to!

I guess the moral of this story is only worry about yourself and your family but screw your neighbors?  Who am I kidding... I would do it all over again... what is that?  Did you guys hear that?  Hang on I have to go investigate.

PS Matt's cousin had her house broken into yesterday in Tyler, TX.  They took computers, tv's, her sons Wii and all the games and other things.  Thank God nobody was home and the creeps didn't hurt her animals but her 9 year old son was the first one home to discover all this missing.  I can't imagine the feeling of coming home and seeing all that.  PLEASE protect you, your family, your pets and your belongings with an alarm system.  It is less than $35 per month!  It will even save you a little on home insurance.  JUST DO IT!

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