Thursday, January 27, 2011

Isn't it REALLY about the food?

So the big day that all football fans look forward to is coming up soon!  It doesn't matter if *your* team is playing in the Super Bowl, if you are a football fan you watch regardless.

Since *my* team isn't in it this year, and has not been for a while now. *a-hem* then I will be rooting for the Packers to win it.  Typically I root for the underdog but I don't even really know who that would be this year.  I am sure if I asked Matt he would fill me in however since the Packers are in it I choose them.


Well for a couple of reasons.  #1 we lived in Wisconsin and we LOVED it with a capitol L!  We loved everything about Wisconsin especially the people we met there.  And those are some die hard Packers fans let me tell you!  (Matt and I went to a Packers game while there and greatly enjoyed that *our* Cowboys won the game)  So I would like to see them get this win.  #2 Matt Flynn plays for them and although he is the second string quarterback he's still on the team.  Matt Flynn was a great quarterback for LSU and although I haven't personally met his family his mom was sweet enough to send Brendan some cool things for his LSU decorated bedroom.  Thanks again Mrs. Flynn and to Aunt Nancy for helping with that. :)

But quite honestly this is the one day of the year that I say forget *normal* food, let's PIG OUT!

Every year I spend about a week trying to come up with our junk food fest menu.  There are usually pigs in the blanket, rotel cheese dip, and that is where my mind goes blank!  Last year we did a baked potato dip but I seem to have misplaced that recipe so Tracey if you are reading this will you please resend? Thanks, you are the best!

So tell me, what are your favorite pig out foods and which team will you be rooting for this year?

Here are some random *Cheese Heads* we met at the game we went too.  :)  Like I said, Wisconsin people are VERY nice!


  1. Connie, I take a completely different approach for Super Bowl. I believe that the food should be easily served by individuals as they get hungry so on this point we agree. But no crappy (excuse me) junk food that simply will not do. This year the main dish is smoked duck gumbo with venison sausage and andouille sausage. I will probably prepare a small pot of ettoufe' or a chicken and or shrimp stew. I will make a large bowl of potato salad, mustard based using GREAT potatoes like yukon golds, Of course chips and dips like purple corn tortilla chips seasoned with sea salt, wheat crackers (oyster crackers) and a super good dip like crawfish and andouille dip (cream cheese base) also will serve a very good salsa (got to be careful not to allow the salsa near the sofa). I put the food out buffet style away from the TV but close enough for a quick dash to re-fill and I encourage my guests to eat the entree' during the pre-game portion and at half time...

    Other good tail gate fair are smoked ribs or even better braised ribs (can be made well ahead of time in one pot) Of course Brats and such but those need to be prepared just before eating them which takes at least one cook away from the game.... Hope this helps...

    Here is how I am managing the cooking this year:
    picking up a boned duck on Friday (farm raised duck goes into the freezer for another day) but the bones will be used to make the stock for the gumbo, day 2 Saturday- smoke the wild ducks (this will be a fun day filled with beer drinking, whiskey drinking and at least 9 holes of golf), Saturday evening prepare the Gumbo Roux- Gonna take turns stirring the roux with my buddy Andrew we are making lot's of roux and we take turns so each of us can continue to drink beer and scotch while at the same time ensuring that the roux does not burn... Got it? and finally we will shred the smoked duck chop the sausage and prepare the gumbo letting it simmer whilst we move to the outside living room and fire up Great Cigars that I have already purchased for this occasion by this time we are tired of beer and scotch so we will sip on Congnac or a Good dark rum.... This is sounding good right Cher? Next morning take left over roux and prepare the Chicken stew and about an hour before guests arrive begin the crawfish ettoufe' (does not take long at all) put out the snacks dips etc. I have a rice cooker that I only use for these types of occasions (It's friggin huge and makes keeping the rice warm a breeze), Put the game on and let the good times roll.

  2. There is a great recipe on the back of the Ranch dip packs that you add spinach to it's really good. It says to use carrots or celery sticks with it but we just used bread and chips. Thats always a good one!

  3. Connie - I have your baked potato dip recipe, you gave it to me a long time ago. It is GREAT! Don't have it with me right now but text me tonight to remind me and I'll give it to you.

  4. See Dale you and everyone should have ONE day per year that you can totally forget about the word "healthy" and just eat junk! I NEVER have a pig out junk day except for super bowl day. So I feel if we eat a bunch of dips and fried stuff it is ok. But your menu sounds great! :)

    Spinach dip.. yum! I would be the only one in my family that would eat it though. :( so I always get it when we visit Cheddar's. :)

  5. AWESOME Brittany! I hate that I lost it and now I am even more excited I share recipes for occasions like this! I also need to bring Matt by to try on that jacket... he leaves Monday morning.